About Us

About Us

Hello! We're Bank al Etihad, your friendly neighborhood finance squad since 1978. We're not your typical bank – we're here to make money work for everyone.

Putting the "Learn" in financial literacy

At Bank al Etihad, we're on a mission to make finance less of a puzzle. Our focus on financial literacy isn't just a checkbox; it's our way of saying, "Hey, let's make money talk less intimidating and more understandable."

Your money, your way… anytime

We get it; life happens everywhere. That's why we're all about simplifying your financial journey. Our app is your sidekick, letting you boss your finances on the go.

Quiet achievements, big heart

We're not ones to brag, but our innovation game has earned us the title of “most loved bank” along with a few pats on the back from Global Finance magazine and others. And guess what? We’re quietly proud of it! 

Banking with a side of heart

Beyond the money, we're all about heart. Recognised by Euromoney for our corporate social responsibility, our community efforts are all about giving back and making a positive difference.

Championing entrepreneurs 

But wait, there's more! We support entrepreneurs, encourage growth, and celebrate outstanding individuals. We're committed to championing SMEs because we believe in their big dreams. 

We make space for women

We're all about creating opportunities for women to thrive in every aspect of their financial and non financial journey. Whether it's managing money, growing businesses, or achieving financial goals, we've got your back.

Sustainability, because we care

Sure, we're a bank, but we're also friends of the planet. We're doing our bit for a sustainable future, embracing a few of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and steering towards sustainable finance. We like to create a positive impact in people's lives through ongoing engagement and communal volunteering. Because making a difference should be as fun as banking with friends!

So, here's the deal – we're not just bankers; we're your partners in your financial adventure. Let's make money matters a bit easier and more fun, together!

Join thousands of people and bank with us today! 

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