A guide for brides: How to say "I do" without going broke

A guide for brides: How to say "I do" without going broke

Congratulations! You've found the love of your life, slipped on the ring, and now you're swept up in the whirlwind of wedding planning and envisioning your new home. All you can think of is that white dress that you've dreamt of since childhood. But then reality hits, and you start to wonder if you'll need to sell your soon-to-be husband’s kidney to cover the expenses.

Don't worry, dear bride-to-be! I (the writer of this blog) am right there with you, with my own wedding just 3 weeks away. I'm here to share my journey and tips to help you celebrate your love without emptying your wallet. Let's ensure your honeymoon is filled with blissful memories, not financial stress!

Go to a tailor

In my quest for a simple wedding dress, I was surprised to find that simplicity is a foreign concept in the world of bridal gowns. What surprised me even more were the astronomical prices! It made me wonder, are these dresses made of gold? 

If you're like me and refuse to spend 1,500 JOD on a dress you'll wear for just a few hours, consider heading to a local tailor. Ask for a simple white dress that will work for a special occasion without specifying that it's for a wedding so that the price doesn't magically double. By doing this, I managed to save around 600 JOD!

This tip can save you a lot of money without sacrificing your elegance. You don't need to spend a fortune on a dress you'll wear only once. Trust me, no one will notice the difference between an expensive dress and a more affordable one, especially after you add some jewellery and wear the dress with confidence.

Avoid bridal packages at beauty salons

Beauty salons usually offer what's called a "bridal package." This includes makeup and hairstyling for the bride. These packages can be expensive, as with most wedding-related services. However, the high prices aren't always justified. I chose not to go for these packages and instead found freelance makeup artists and hairstylists. I didn't mention it was for my wedding. This saved me about 300 JOD!

You can use this strategy to save money. If you prefer not to avoid beauty salons altogether, you can still go, but don't mention that you're a bride!

Choose a non-traditional venue

Let's talk about where to have your wedding. While a fancy hotel might seem like the dream, have you seen the price tag? Traditional ballrooms cost a lot of money. So, consider holding your wedding in non-wedding venues, as they usually cost much less. And believe me, you can turn any non-traditional wedding venue into a breathtaking one with a bit of planning. 

Picture getting married at a farm with a pool in the Dead Sea. Or a restaurant in Amman. Or even a cosy garden in Salt with grapevines, pomegranate trees, and a swing! I’m throwing my wedding at a lesser-known hotel's terrace. With some searching, you can find a hidden gem and make it the ideal spot for your big day with the help of your imagination and wedding planners.

Be smart about your wedding date

Who said the best wedding date is a Friday in the summertime?

Summer weddings are more expensive than winter weddings due to the law of supply and demand. But no law prevents you from having your wedding during winter. Why not get married in February, for example?

If you want to save money, choose a day between Sunday and Thursday and avoid Friday and Saturday, as those are more expensive.

Also, avoid choosing special dates and holidays. For example, you may notice a significant increase in the price of roses during Valentine's Day season, and ballroom prices may increase on New Year's Eve.

Create the invitation cards yourself

Thanks to social media platforms, invitation cards are no longer necessary like they used to be. Instead of costly paper cards, design a digital invitation yourself through ready-to-use website templates and send it to invitees via WhatsApp, for example.

Take advantage of your friends' talents

Is one of your close friends a talented musician or photographer? Take advantage of their talent and ask them to help you on your wedding day instead of hiring expensive professionals. They will surely rejoice at the opportunity to play a part in one of the most important days in your life! 

Don't have any talented friends? You need new ones! All jokes aside, you can find freelancers or students who charge you much less than the alternative. I sought the help of my colleague's friend, who works as a DJ in his free time.

Downsize the guest list

We know you want to celebrate this day with as many people as possible. But do you really have to invite your neighbour's cousin? Or your classmate from first grade, whom you haven't seen since you two fought over crayons?

Remember, the more people you invite to your wedding, the more money you will pay. So, try to only limit your invitee list to close friends and family to reduce costs. This way, you will also be able to reduce food and drink expenses.

Take advantage of seasonal sales

You can save a lot of money by choosing when to shop. For example, I waited until Mother's Day to take advantage of the discounts that electronics stores offer. In doing so, I saved more than 500 JOD on appliances for the new home! You can also wait until end-of-season sales or Black Friday to buy items for your new home.

When you want to buy items for your own personal use, you can also take advantage of discounts from merchants within our partner network, such as cosmetic and clothing stores, beauty clinics, and flower shops, which can give you a discount on your wedding bouquet!

Learn more about Bank al Etihad's discounts here.

Don't buy everything all at once 

You might feel the urge to fully furnish your home before the wedding, but in reality, you only need the essentials. For example, you don't need to purchase a coffee cup set because someone will likely give it to you as a wedding gift. Instead, make a list of the gifts you would like and leave it at your favourite store so that family and friends can buy only what you truly need.

Also, remember that you may receive cash from family and friends at your wedding. You can use this to buy anything that's still missing for your home. If the amount is insufficient, you can always take advantage of Bank al Etihad's easy payment plans.

Get cashback on your wedding expenses

Last but not least, be sure to use Bank al Etihad cards on all your purchases to get instant cashback of up to 3% based on your rank in the rewards program and the card you used. 

We hope that you've benefited from these tips. By following them, you can save money for an unforgettable honeymoon! Speaking of honeymoons, don’t forget you can get travel insurance through the Bank al Etihad app with a few simple steps, which you can find here.

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