How to save money on your next trip, according to Dolly Dib

How to save money on your next trip, according to Dolly Dib

We all deserve a break every once in a while. Whether it’s an escape from mundane activities or stressful days at work, there’s always that tempting urge to pack our bags and leave everything behind! No matter the destination and duration, trips take lots of planning and budgeting.

So, as part of our influencer series, we’ve contacted our favourite travel guru to share some of her best tips when it comes to travelling! Ready to hear them? Take notes, folks!

Book your trips off-season

Jordanian travel blogger, Dolly Dib, is known for her breath-taking escapades across the globe. She says that the number one tip she could give to anyone is to book their trips during off-season! ‘Demand is always higher during seasonal holidays,’ Dolly explained. ‘So, airlines and hotels use this as an opportunity to boost their prices.’

Keeping this in mind, many aeroplanes take off with empty seats and several hotel rooms are available for booking during regular days. Consequently, you can save tons of money if you just plan ahead!

Pay your expenses bit by bit

According to Dolly, the bank taught her a thing or two about instalments. Just like it’s so much easier to break down the loan you’ve taken into instalments, it’s a great way to break down your trip too! Meaning?

Well, if your trip is going to cost you, say, 2,000 JOD, you may not be able to pay that amount and book everything all in one go. So, the best alternative is to just divide these tasks as best as you can.

If your trip is in June, you can book your flight in February, hotel in March, attraction tickets in April… That way, not only will you avoid being short on money, but it also saves you the hassle of booking everything all at once while giving you more flexibility and clarity.

Start budgeting as soon as possible

Budgets aren’t just great for mapping expenses; they particularly come in handy when you’re planning to save money. While planning for a trip you can do both! Start by putting a savings goal in mind and arrange your budget in a way that allows you to reach your target by the desired date.

Say you’ve managed to save 5,000 JOD specifically for your summer trip, the next thing you should do is create another budget specifically for that trip. Include airline tickets, accommodation, transportation and all other fees you can think of. Make sure they don’t exceed that amount to stay on the safe side and keep your mind at ease even when you’re overseas.

Look for free attractions

When it comes to travelling, there are several activities you can do either at a low cost or for free. For example, you can always join free walking tours in the country you’re visiting. There are also lots of free exhibitions and museums you can visit if you’re interested in art and history. And in case you want to see some pretty sights, then you can always discover hidden gems and alleys that you can check out for free!

We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely using these tips the next time we’re planning to shut our phone and disappear off the face of the earth! We’ve got loads of insightful content coming your way.

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