Eid personalities: Which one are you?

Eid personalities: Which one are you?

Whether you're 9 or 90, we’re sure you have some Eid traditions that are unique to you and that bring you joy. And since Eid traditions vary from person to person, we've decided to round up 9 types of people you may encounter during Eid. Start reading to get to know them! 

The high roller

For many, Eid means buying new clothes. But we all know someone who goes overboard. They plan to get a few things and end up with 10, making us wonder if they're putting together a fashion show that we don't know about yet! 

The people person    

Many consider Eid an opportunity to see family and friends. But some take this so seriously that they refuse to limit their visits to the usual 2 or 3 a day. Instead, they insist on visiting at least 8 relatives and neighbours. You'd think they're allergic to staying home! 

The ma’amoul addict

Who doesn't love ma’amoul? No one! But while some are satisfied with eating a few of these heavenly sweets, others have to have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during Eid. And as soon as Eid ends, you'll find them standing on a scale asking themselves, "How did I gain 6 kilos?" The ma’amoul is the culprit!

The theatre buff

Ever since classic plays like Al Ayal Kibrit and Madraset el-Moshaghbeen were brought to television, it's tradition for many to watch them during Eid. Maybe it's for the comedic relief or the nostalgia they offer. Regardless, these people never tire of them, even if they've watched them 5 times in a row! 

The pretend money-keeper   

Cash gifts are an inseparable part of Eid. And one would think it's children who wait for this time of the year the most because they know they're about to get some money. But in every family, there's always one person who's known to say, "I'll keep your money safe." Our advice — keep this trickster away from your kids because they're not a Bank al Etihad savings account!

The homebody 

While some are busy shopping for Eid outfits, others embrace it in their pyjamas, not minding staying in them all day, from 9 in the morning until bedtime or the moment they have to wear a fresh set. But let's be fair, there's a different kind of comfort in Eid pyjamas that fancy clothes can't replicate!

The globetrotter

Some prefer to stay in town with their family and friends during Eid, while others seize the chance to travel and go sightseeing. You’ll find that such people start saving up 6 months before their upcoming adventures because they know too well that ticket prices skyrocket during the holidays. 

The overly generous

As we mentioned before, everyone has their own traditions that bring them joy during Eid. The person we’ve listed here is someone who finds happiness when giving to others, especially children. You'll find they give money left, right, and centre to the point where they're left with nothing in their pocket!

The smart saver

While some spend a lot of money on clothes, food, and travel during Eid, the smart saver doesn't. They keep all the cash gifts they receive hidden away in a Bank al Etihad savings account to increase their chances of winning our prizes. 

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